Boxing Betting – Live & Upcoming Games

Boxing Betting – Everything You Need to Know about Live & Upcoming Games

As we all know, boxing betting is most likely as old as boxing itself – specifically, it dates back to the 1700s. However, betting on boxing was not that popular in the beginning.

The boxing industry began to see really big sums of money in the early part of the 20th century when betting on boxing started to get really popular. Due to the large sums of money and the sport’s popularity, one of the earliest boxing stars, Jack Dempsey, managed to be the first one to attract a million-dollar gate.

When it comes to the bettor, if you were to bet on boxing fights, you’d know exactly what’s happening in the ring – only one of the fighters wins and, on top of it all, you get to see the fight happening.

This is what made betting on boxing so popular. Everyone could engage and take part in such activities and, therefore, everyone was having a blast, so to say.

Now, as we get close to present times, we have the fight that made Cassius Clay the Heavyweight Champion. This boxer, against all boxing betting odds, managed to defeat Joe Louis and, by doing so, changed the way betting works.

In short, the art of betting, so to call it, became quite systematic, with gamblers shopping more for tips rather than simply placing bets.

Boxing Betting Wagers

When it comes to betting on boxing, you don’t have only one type of bet. After all, continuously betting on a certain fighter’s win or loss gets quite boring. Therefore, there are two types of wagers, one of them coming with more options for the enthusiast gambler.

Round Bet – this type of bet means that you, as a bettor, try to predict the number of rounds that will take place in a single fight.

Victory Type – when it comes to victory type, you’ll have to predict the way in which a match will end. This type of bet comes with options like decision, split decision, points win, or technical knockouts.

In the end, when placing a bet, you can choose from five different betting types, each suited for your type of prediction. For example, if you properly analyze the odds of your Sportsbook and such, you may decide that a technical knockout victory bet would be more optimal than a round bet.

The Evolution of Boxing Betting

Betting on boxing has been pretty much the same over the years. With boxing being such a popular sport – competing even with baseball in America -, it’s no wonder that more and more people began betting on matches.

Moreover, given the technological advancements of the 21st century, it was only a matter of time until we could place a boxing bet online. And, when this happened, even more people started getting into this industry – the industry of betting.

Betting and boxing alike are two of the highest-valued sports-based industries in the world, with millions of dollars at stake every single year.

Furthermore, online boxing betting has given the bettors the opportunity to choose their bookmaker so that they would enjoy the best odds out there, as well as the most advanced betting platforms.

Naturally, online betting also made it much easier for people to check for live and upcoming matches, without having to search for such information on various TV channels or at their local betting agency.

In short, online betting on boxing made things much easier for all of us – all we need now in order to bet is an internet connection, a mouse, and our predictions.

The Advantages of Online Boxing Betting

Betting on boxing online comes with many more advantages than the ones we have mentioned so far. For example, a professional gambler will always know that, in order to make successful predictions and win more bets, they need to be up to date with everything related to boxing, in this case.

Therefore, they need to first find the best boxing betting sites available out there. Then, they will have to check their odds, services, as well as the information they provide the bettor with.

A gambler will never trust a website that gives them little to no information about what’s going on. For example, a bettor will always like to see the upcoming games on a certain website’s boxing fights tonight page.

This is why here, at, you’ll always know everything about the live and upcoming boxing matches so that you don’t miss a single bet!

Betting with

Choosing the best boxing betting site can be hard – you may never know if the one that you are currently using is actually the best one out there!

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We also offer you information related to both live and upcoming events, as well as the results of previous matches, in case you didn’t place a bet on them but were curious to see how the fight went.

From our main page, you can see, with a simple click, the events of the boxing world, scores, and results, as well as the rankings of boxing. As we said before, online made everything easier for you, the enthusiast gambler.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, you should not waste any more time! Visit our website,, search for your favorite fighter, check the odds, place a bet based on your predictions, and then maybe even watch the fight live.

Nothing compares with the thrill and exhilaration of a live match that you’ve made a bet on. Put yourself next to the ring itself and cheer for your favorite boxer!